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GNR Lies - #1 On the Billboard 200 in 1989
1. Reckless Life
2. Nice Boys
3. Move To The City
4. Mama Kin
5. Patience
6. Used To Love Her
7. You're Crazy
8. One In A Million
Singles Realised From this Album-
1989 - Patience - #1 On the Billboard Hot 100
A note about the Album -
Axl said the following about the first 4 tracks on the start of GNR Lies -
" The EP's a peice of shit compared to the album .... thats the most contrived peice of shit we've done yet. It aint a live record - if you think it is you're crazy. What we did was go into a room, record oursleves and put 50,000 screaming people on top."
Also he said the following about "You're Crazy" -
"I think "Crazy" sucks. The band's great but i think i sound like shit. Its a very special, magical song. Every time we record "Crazy" something happens. When its really on, the band goes into a trancelike state. You leave everything else behind. I dont think I quite hit what i was looking for. I dont think there's a major problem with it, I just don't think we quite hit it, I think everything else kicks ass!"
You may also notice that "You're Crazy" appears on both Appetite For Destruction and GNR Lies. On GNR Lies it is an Acoustic Version.

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