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This Site Was Last Updated - 11th April

The wait for the Chinese Democracy  album Continues!
Many sources surgest that Chinese Democracy will be realised in April 2005. HMV leaked a provisional realise date of 23rd April, but Dizzy Reed (Keyboard) said that it is unlikely that the album will be realised on that date.
Mastering was ment to take place in November / December of 2004, wheather this was the case, we shall never know!
There has been 2 new tracks leaked onto the web, Crash Diet and Madagascar, as far as i know Guns N Roses have done nothing to prevent us listening to them.
Rumered Titles for tracks on Chinese Democracy -
Prostitute Mentioned in Spin Magazine
Cock-a-roach Soup
This I Love
No Love Remains
Friend or Foe
Zip it
Something Always
Hearts Always Get Killed
This Life
Closing In On You
Catcher in the Rye
Strange Disease
Never Had It
Today, Tomorrow, Forever
Definate titles -
Oh My God
Silk Worms
Chinese Democracy 
Rhiad & the Bedouins

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