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"'Use Your Illusion' is a cross between ' Physical Graffiti' and ' The Wall'. Its a record thats going to amazing and frighten at the same time." - Alan Niven
" When our record comes out, I know its going to be really different - whether its accepted or not i couldnt give a shit" - Slash
After Use Your Illusion shot to the top of the charts Axl Rose said -
" Well as you can see, being a fucking psycho basket-case like me does have its advantages."
" Its taken a lot of time to put together the ideas for this album ... we're not gunna put it on fuckin' record until we're sure we can! So we've been trying to build it up. I think that the audiance will have gone through three years of shit too, so hopefully they'll be ready to relate to some new things. Now i think there's enough different sides of Guns N Roses that when the album is finally realised no one will know what to think, let alone us! Like what are they trying to say? Sometimes i dont fuckin, know ... " - Axl Rose

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